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June 28 Candidate Forum Questions

The Following Questions Were The Prepared Questions at The June 28 Candidates Forum

All Candidates Did Not Answer all These Questions For Lack Of Time..But I want To As They Are Good Questions...


Opening Statement


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Closing Statement


*Firefighter 20 yrs.
*Business owner
*non-profit director
*basketball coach
*outdoor enthusiast
*fiscally conservative
*Patron of the arts
*harley rider
* member of Surfariclub,        

*Sierra Club,  

*Mono Lake committee, 

*Paddle Boarder

My family and I moved to New Smyrna Beach after a long and arduous search for the perfect home in Florida. Our search started in Boca all the way north by way of Jupiter, St. Lucie, Merritt Island. The locations didn't feel right for us. So, on the recommendation of a friend, who had a condo on beachside New Smyrna Beach, we decided to check it out. I had no idea where we were, but something about this town exuded peace and tranquility...home. As luck would have it, the first person I met was a real estate agent by the name of Charlie Baldwin. Together, we looked at 30 houses over two days before I found what would become our little slice of heaven on 12th Avenue, 32169.  Next, my family and I sold most of our belongings and headed east in our RV with the boat in tow. During cross-country journey, we stopped to enjoy as many National Parks and roadside attractions as possible, and after three long weeks, we arrived at our beachside-paradise on 12th.  Since then, my wife and I opened the city’s first Thai restaurant on a sleepy Canal Street. I produced and hosted the first ever Surf Film Fest in New Smyrna Beach which was held at the Coronado building on the historic Flagler Avenue.  Later, with the help of some dear people I met at the Film Fest, I opened the Surf Museum located just above Thai Mango. Together with my wife, we've raised two incredible daughters (add their age).  As time went by, our small, quintessential surf and beach town, began to experience rapid growth.  Canal Street is growing up and Flagler, of course, is busy as ever, and 44 sees chain stores moving in...something started not feeling right to me... as I have seen this happening before...

Full transparency in our city government, this is what got me involved in the first place. To discourage manipulation or omission, cameras and or recording devices should be present in every commission meeting, advisory board meeting, and citizens ccr meeting. Mr. Wilson and I made some noise about this in more than one commission meeting but were met with ridicule by several speakers on the dais. Full transparency! Bring ethics back into government. Let our citizens watch live or watch at their leisure with the ability to fast forward or rewind. All streaming should be available on the NSB city website. The commission and our city manager resisted, but we insisted!

Traffic on beachside is mainly a by-product of the beach. As you know, the county runs the beach. Due to the limited beach approaches, traffic quickly backs up. So, the county is looking for another location for a beach approach. One suggestion is 16th avenue. This is a no-go for me. If we need another approach, I suggest 7th avenue.  Reasons: 1. (what is wide enough?) 2. Existing traffic light, 3. Commercially zoned on north and south, so no residential impacts.
Here's an idea; Flagler Avenue will be exit only. 3rd avenue would remain two lanes entrance only. 7th avenue would rotate AM entrance- PM exit. 

SR 44: Now here we have a problem; this is mainly beach traffic related as well, but future assures us it will be more often than just beach days. As a state road, some deal making would involve us and the state.
Pioneer trail offramp-No. No. No!
A1A: many are asking for a speed limit change. What good does this do when there's not enough police presence to enforce the new speed limit?
What would be my solution, more police presence. If it takes some expensive speeding tickets, so be it! Slow down or get popped. There are people, animals, and bus stops on A1A.
Beachside side streets: North beach (from Flagler north) should consider one- way streets. Peninsula and Saxon need to be reduced to 30 from 35.  Saxon. Numbered streets off A1A and Saxon should be reduced to 20 from 25 mph.
*Flagler is the hub for 'make up your own traffic rules.' It's only a matter of time before someone is injured or killed.

As a fast-growing (some say too fast and loose) City in a fast-growing County, we have many challenges to stop big money outside our area from coming in, taking what they want, and leaving. Yes, we need investment and tourism, but we must be cautious in whom we do business. Moreover, we need: 
1. Better planning and higher impact fees so we can restore roads and bridges without burdening our taxpayers.
2. To make better use of our City's resources, i.e., The Brannon Center, Sports Complex, New Live Oak Center, New Commission Chambers.
3. A more responsive Commission that does less talking and more listening to the Advisory Boards recommendations.

Parking: Short of some high-rise parking garages, we have a problem with no easy solution. A trolley system will help but only minimally. Flagler is the main culprit hosting weekly/monthly events and of course...the beach There's no room to expand. So, here we go! First, I would limit parking on Flagler from 7-9am alternating from one side of the street to the other for delivery trucks to bring their deliveries. No trucks are blocking traffic. Second, for businesses expanding their capacity, they would need to make the parking either onsite or valet to an offsite location, which means impact fees will be going up. The revenue earned from increased impact fees will be allocated to a parking garage. Where would these garages be located you may ask? I say do not sell the AOB site and use a portion of the property for public parking garages (leaving enough space for other commercial use). The parking garages would only stand three stories tall, accommodating 140 cars per floor. And these garages would be free for NSB residents. Non-residents will pay a fee to maintain the garages. Parking garages are revenue producing and have minimum maintenance. I would also insist that Outriggers use this garage rather than the boat ramp parking (just a suggestion).

Paid parking on Flagler Avenue and Canal Street: Paid spots will be limited to 4 hours and will have pay stations. Residents of NSB  ware permitted to park for free, and non-residents will be required to pay (first 2 hours free). Good for business, good for residents and will deter beachgoers from parking on Flagler...some side streets will be included...tbd...
Senior center-(Live Oak Center) the loss of the Brannon Senior Center was a massive slap to our many seniors who thought they were getting a new and improved facility when the new Brannon Civic Center was completed. They were and are still unhappy with the quarters they've been provided as a poor substitute. The new Live Oak Center, a 4-5-million-dollar structure, is not a new senior center. At this moment,he COA (Counsel on Aging) a questionable non-profit in my and many others opinion,  is the prime tenant. I question the giveaway. Taxpayers should not be supporting these well-funded non-profits, and I believe the seniors should be able to manage themselves through a board of directors. Why is COA managing a New Smyrna Beach Senior Center? Now, COA does some good things (the Meals on Wheels program to name one)  and therefore, should have some access; however, we should be supporting our own, not a countywide group who do not live here. 


need total protection from more impacting development which to me means:

***no more hotels on the beachside higher than 3 stories***

***increased impact fees and parking requirements***

***calalisa creek must have no hotel development on it***
**we are blessed with an amazing coastal location...lets keep it that way***

***Early  morning deliveries on Flagler 7am-9am with alternate no parking northside M,W,F, southside T,TH***

***Better mainland signage for Beach Closures***


As a fast growing (some say too fast and loose) City in a fast growing County, we have a lot of challenges to stop the big money outside our area from coming in, taking what they want, and leaving. Yes we need investment and tourism, but we must be cautious in who we do business with..we need better planning, higher impact fees to take burdens off of taxpayers, and to restore roads and bridges. Better use of our City resources...Brannon Center, Sports Complex, New Live Oak Center, New Commission Chambers...Total Transparency in our government....meaning our antiquated communications systems need to be replaced...Cameras, streaming, and archived video of each and every Advisory Board meeting, and Commission meeting, so YOU, the TAXPAYER, are  to watch from home and not have to  be at the myriad of meetings....and a more responsive Commission that actually Listens to the Advisory Boards recommendations...




Also conducting a investigation of COA and their Management Skills at our SENIOR CENTER AND AT NEW LIVE OAK "CULTURAL CENTER"

The Right Person At The Right Time